Chakra Balancing


Chakra Balancing

A chakra is a energy point that spirals out from the physical body which we call the aura, also known as ‘life force energy’.
The major chakras are linked to the 7 layers of our energy field. When these are out of balance this can effect our well being in many ways.
The chakras are constantly interacting with our environment and our physical bodies. There fore it is easy to understand why we can become out of balance. We can tell if they are out of balance as it can manifest on the physical level. For example the third eye chakra when it is out of balance may cause head aches. This treatment can be done with sound or with Reiki.


£35 per 1 hour session

£45 Clearing blocks on deeper layers – 1 hour and 45 mins per session

£30 per session (after initial 3 sessions)

I also offer a concession for those on a low income




This is a brief look at what the chakras govern