Working with the whole person


Work Philosophy

I listen to you and your body using my intuition and knowledge. I will guide you and only steer you when it is needed. I will follow where it is that you need to go. You are the greatest tool for your own healing and your body holds all the understanding of how best to help its yourself.
I will combine different therapies or healing to best help you work through or access what it is you need in that moment. It will always be a joint effort and a place where you will empower yourself.
The work I do is not a miracle cure. You are the miracle cure. What ever work you put in is what you will get out. What ever seeds you sow now you will harvest in the future. I am here to help guided you to your own light and help prepare your flower bed.
Why I use many methods?
We are all so wonderfully unique, so there can not be any one prescribed method that could help everyone and no one medicine can cure everything.
When we work together we will be able to get more insight into how best to work together and this insight will only deepen. Like any relationship the deeper we go the more we can be ourselves.
We can discuss what it is that you might benefit from in our following sessions or even in that moment go in another direction.
You can always refuse to have any treatment at anytime. This is about you and not about me. If you are finding it difficult to say no or to express what it is you need then this is something we can work on.
I work with the intention of your highest good at all times.