Movement is communication. Its a dialogue that we can have with others and ourselves. It is an out-let of self expression and creativity. Movement and dance is accessing the same parts of the brain as play, and play is where we learn and grow. It can help us to be ok with making mistakes and trying new things.

Through improvisation and experimentation we can bring about changes and new ways of being. When we share this with others we can build bonds and connection. This is vital for us to feel a sense of belonging and help with self esteem issues. It allows us to access deeper emotions and express them through the creative process. Movement and dance keeps our physical bodies healthy and able, as well as our hearts and minds connecting to our body for more balance and harmony in our everyday lives.

Therapeutic Improvisation Dance & Performance

This is a lovely blend of improvisation and self development, accessing the deeper therapeutic benefits of improvisation through our voices, dance, movement and anything that we can be inspired by, within our human beingness.

We are the vessel the instrument for our creativity. There is much magic and healing inside, dare we explore?
Would you like to find more self confidence with performance, public speaking or your job roles? Do you have social anxiety?
Would you like to find more inspiration for your work? or just wanting to get playful? Find your blocks and your strengths? Learn the art of improvisation? Lets play with our masks.
Always a safe place to explore.

Refreshments provided. 7:15 pm arrival for a 7:30 pm start, finishes at 9:30 pm. Call Kerry on 07823464833 for bookings. Location : Townshend Village Hall TR27 6AG £8

There will be some guidance and activities which allow people to find their own creative expressions. These activities will support those who do not find that easy, with ways to explore and enable this, and for those who find it easier, to deepen in their expression.


Inner Rythms

Dance Medicine – Self Expression – Free Form – Ecstatic Dance

For everyone who loves to dance and let go.

Diving in a little deeper to our bodies to get out of our minds.

Every third Sunday of the month   £8

Call Kerry on  07823464833

And the other : This is an inclusive dance and performance class, catered for people with all different sorts of needs. Offering a space to connect to other people and find new ways to express ourselves through our creativity. Through dance movement and performance. There will be a performance for this group at the end of the each year.   I am based in Townshend Hayle and sometimes in Penzance.

Inclusive Intutiove Dance & Perfomance

Inclusive dance movement and performance for all ages and abilities.

Playing with dance and movement and performance –
Making connections.
learning how to let go and access our playful selves.
We will have a performance if you want to join in at the end of November.

Refreshment and snack provided

Every first three Wednesdays 7 – 9:30 pm

Please contact Kerry for more info 07823464833